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Elevating your life starts with(in) you.
Unlock your body's wisdom, find fulfillment, and thrive in authentic alignment.

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Are you ready to get into the driver's seat of your life and stop letting your emotions take the wheel? 

It's time to rewire your mind-body connection that keeps you stuck and step into a life where you are fully present. 

As a somatic coach for conscious leaders and change-makers, I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and help you unlock the extraordinary potential within you. Together, we’ll cultivate your inner landscape, integrating the power of somatic practices, neuroscience techniques, and mindset optimization to create lasting change. It's time to tap into your innate brilliance and create a life that reflects your true essence.

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Visionaries, changemakers, and conscious leaders, are you ready to embark on the discovery of a lifetime?
Coming home to yourself and exploring the depths of who you are to ultimately unlock your full potential and freedom that lies within you?

Through the power of somatic coaching, I offer personalized mentorship and unwavering support to guide you in creating profound shifts and embracing your authentic self. Together, we will accelerate your growth, align with your highest potential, and create a life of purpose, fulfillment, and limitless joy. Get ready to unleash your inner greatness and make an extraordinary impact in the world. It's time to shine and thrive like never before.

Are you feeling triggered, lost, or overwhelmed in pursuit of your purpose? Are you longing to take decisive action, but find yourself trapped and pulled in various directions?

Let's laser focus on what's activated within you, unlocking clear resolutions and an aligned action plan to move you forward.

In this 90-min session, you'll gain crystal-clear insights for the actions that will propel your evolution and growth.
If this resonates with you, it would be my absolute honor to join you on this transformative journey.

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speaking & workshops

Looking for a speaker for your next event or podcast? Bring a new depth of mind-body-spirit connection that will elevate and empower your audience to thrive personally and professionally. Here are some of the areas I specialize in:
  • Clean UP Your Internal Terrain
  • Use Your Triggers To Set Yourself Free
  • How To Embody Your 'Queen' In Business & Life
  • Find & Release Emotions To Succeed In Life

Please email for rate and include details of the audience (gender, faith base, age range, etc.) and the nature of the topic of interest.


Private Coaching 1:1

Journey deep within to clean up your internal terrain, cultivate unshakable confidence, and experience true liberation. Equip yourself with a transformative toolkit that will guide you on a lifetime of personal growth and fulfillment.

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Thank you for the incredible and magical experiences were you guided me so efficiently, gently, and accurately. I am so glad I was able to dissolve the generational money block in my body. You held my hand so safely and I have so much more clarity on what my next step in business is.”

Katia V.
Transformational Coach