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Elevate your clarity, unlease your potential, and activate aligned action

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Are you ready to break free from the chains (emotions, feelings, stories, beliefs, patterns) that hold you back?

It's time to step into your power, overcome limitations, and create a life that sets your soul on fire. Get ready for the 90-Minute Somatic Healing Coaching Session – an immersive experience designed to help you unlock your true potential and live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

Together, we’ll embark on a deep exploration of your inner world, uncover what's been holding you back, and guide you towards aligned action and remarkable growth.

If You Need To:

✓ Address Core Challenges

  • Break free from survival mode, shame, and negative patterns that have kept you stuck.
  • Gain clarity on how to calm your nervous system, reduce anxiety, and navigate triggers with resilience and grace.

✓ Embrace Your Wholeness

  • Clear cycles of unresolved emotions, release the emotional baggage, and reclaim your sense of wholeness.
  • Break through feelings of unworthiness, rediscover your inherent value, and nurture deep self-love and acceptance.

✓ Propel Your Growth

  • Gain crystal-clear insights for the aligned actions that will propel your personal growth, deepen your mind-body-soul connection, and elevate every aspect of your life.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, unleash your authentic self, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-expression.



You're driven and ambitious, yet you often feel stuck, overwhelmed, or trapped in survival mode, unable to break free and fully unleash your potential.

Longing to align your mind, body, and soul to propel you towards your highest vision of success.

You're seeking a path to greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

Constantly yearning for something more, a deep desire to make a lasting impact, but find yourself held back by unresolved emotions and limiting patterns.

You’d like to not lose your internal peace, whenever something chaotic arises.

You're ready to release emotional baggage, break free from the chains of the past, and cultivate a sense of wholeness and inner balance.

if you feel like there's more greatness trapped inside and you don't know how to release it...

Equip yourself with powerful tools to process emotions, break free from repetitive stories, and cultivate emotional freedom like never before.

What You'll Get:

✓ One 90-min laser focus coaching session

In this 90 min session, we will:
  • Unearth what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck in survival mode, or looping in a negative pattern
  • Gain clarity on how to calm your nervous system in regards to your particular trigger
  • Receive tools on how to process emotions so that you don’t stay stuck in the story, like a movie on repeat (Groundhog Day, anyone?)
  • Begin clearing cycles of unresolved emotions, unworthiness, stress, ‘stuckness’, and body-mind-soul disconnection to start living a life of more ease, peace, and fulfillment
  • Get crystal-clear insights into the aligned actions that will propel you towards your next phase of evolution and elevation

✓ Blueprints & Feedback

  • Personalized insights, resources, and actionable steps to accelerate your growth and create lasting change.

what they're saying:

“Just wow! I didn't even know I held ancestral trauma until it was released. I feel like I have a new lease on life!”

— Delfina, Money Relationship Coach 

And cultivate a harmonious mind-body-soul connection, paving the way for a life filled with ease, peace, and fulfillment?

dissolve stress

want to Equip yourself with powerful tools to process emotions

release the feelings of shame & being stuck

Then this 90-min laser focus private coaching session is perfect for you. Together, we create a sacred space for healing, growth, and wholeness. As your dedicated guide, I am honored to support you in stepping into your true potential and creating a life that aligns with your deepest desires.

Investment: $255/session

ABOUT Tara Michelle


Tara is your Transformational Mastery Coach, Somatic Healer, and Feminine Embodiment Leader. With a focus on radical self-responsibility, she empowers individuals in 1:1 sessions, group containers, and workshops. Her expertise lies in cleaning up your internal terrain, unlocking freedom, joy, and fulfillment in life, embodying the Queen/King within, and accessing the power of your worth. Get ready to take charge of your journey and create a life of limitless possibilities.